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Live collect et live broadcast all photos shared by your guests.
All photos are centralized and can be downloaded in one click.

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The PicWall enlivens your event and live displays photos of your event. Photos are dynamically and instantly display. You can find below a selection of our PicWalls created by our customers. Click the buttons for complete immersion.


Why PocPic ?


Enliven your event and interact with your guest. Everyone can participate with his smartphone.


Increase your visibility on social networks thanks to your guests' photos. Everyone will be aware.


Photos are displayed continuously on the PicWall, a dynamic and customizable photo wall.


It is not over ! Download all photos and view statistics.

How does it work ?

Post your photos on social networks or on PocPic.
We automatically collect and live broadcast its.


Before the event

Choose your hashtag

A hashtag is a keyword commonly used on social networks to mark an image.

Choose on our platform your hashtag for your event. For example, #JohnJennyWedding

During the event

Share and display photos

Give your guests the dedicated web address to your event (ex :

Your guests have an public Instagram / Twitter account ? They share their photos on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #JohnJennyWedding.

Your wall is dynamic, customizable and displayed on all screens !

We collect automatically and instantly all pictures of your guests!

After the event

Download all photos shared

Download photos to share with your guests and/or print its ?
All photos are available in your online gallery.

Download all the photos. Or one.
It's up to you !


Collect photos from Instagram and Twitter

We automatically and instantly collect all photos posted on Instagram and Twitter which are tagged with the hashtag you choosed.

A private and online account for your event

Your account is accessible from any mobile support (smartphone, tablet) so that you can share your own photo.

Customize your wall.

The PicWall is dynamic, autonomous and customizable ! You can also display the message you want to your guests. We can also create for you a fully customized solution for your needs.

Moderate photos

At any time, you can delete any photo. And, you will never see it again.

Download all photos shared

You can download any shared photo. One photo, all photos from an event or all photos from all your events, they are all available !


How many photos were shared ? How many people have participated on Twitter, Instagram and PocPic ? What are their emails ? We give yuo the answers to all these questions. Analyze the impact of your event !

Ideal for your event

We're sure you'll find an opportunity to use PocPic


A memorable wedding with an unique, fun and interactive photo entertainment. Keep the best memories of your wedding. Wedding is a date that the bride and groom and all their guests are waiting with impatience. Between invitations and preparations, it is important not to forget photos or videos to capture the special moments of this extraordinary day.


Want to entertain your pub and increase your visibility on social networks ? Collect all photos taken by your customers in your pub and let them enjoy their photos live displayed on a big screen. PocPic is a digital, interactive and fun animation for all your parties (afterwork, halloween, new year, week end parties)

Corporate event

L’animation photo rapporte une communication vectrice des valeurs de l’entreprise tant en rendant hommage aux hommes et aux femmes qui la valorisent par leur contribution quotidienne qu’en informant le public qui la soutient. Elle grave sur la pellicule (ou plutôt sur la carte mémoire), la soirée entreprise, le séminaire et tout évènement corporate.

For all my events

For my wedding, my party with friends, my company event, my pub, ...
We adapt to your event. Discover now all the advantages of using PocPic to enliven your event with photos.
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Prices suited to all your needs.

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  • My photos stored for 7 days
  • 1 simultaneous PicWall en simultané
  • Moderation before displaying
  • Get your guests' emails.
  • Sales & technical support by mail and phone

29 € inc. VAT

for 24h


  • Special needs ?
  • Our help team on site
  • Screens / videoprojector rent
  • Other design ? a fully customized PicWall suited to your event
  • Unlimited photos printed with your event theme.

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All our offers include the following features :

Medias aggregated

Get medias from Instagram, Twitter and PocPic.

Your medias displayed

Feed the PicWall with your own medias.

URL address dedicated to your event

An web address as'' to share your medias without going through social networks


Look at the impact of your event by viewing the number of shared medias, the number of Instagram users, Twitter and PocPic.

Post-moderation of medias

Remove all medias that do not suit you.

Displayed your brand

Use your own brand image on the PicWall

PicWall design

Be seduced by our different designs.


At the end of your event, collect in one click all medias shared by your guests.

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